The Center for Cultural Leadership believes that culture should be Christian — not by political coercion, but by spiritual conversion. Christian is what Western culture was for 1000 years, and this what it should be today.

This means that Christians should lead the culture — as fathers, mothers, college students, businessmen, attorneys, pastors, educators, software writers, salesmen, technicians, politicians, physicians, clerks, and so forth.

But CCL does not just believe Christians should lead. It shows them how to lead.

CCL is not only training Christian activists. Lots of people are doing that, and some are doing well. We’re educating and equipping Christian transformationists. It’s not enough to be active; you actually have to transform things. This is what we’re after.

CCL is spearheading a new Christian culture by offering the following:

Fidelity: Biblical Faith in Family, Church and Culture, a hard-hitting, relevant, occasional journal written from a totally Christian perspective, and other incisive writings, too.

CCL Publication Series and Kerygma Press: books, podcasts, monographs, booklets, and pamphlets, boldly pointing the way to a new Christian leadership in our society.

CCL website: christianculture.com, frequently updated and presenting news, editorials, and instruction from a distinctly Christian perspective, and showing ways to recapture our culture.

Marketplace Forums: local and regional meetings and conferences and seminars, training Christians to take the lead in culture, beginning right where God has placed them.

Annual national conference on cultural leadership, where relevant, knowledgeable, exciting speakers impart the truth of the as it relates to today’s culture, and where you’ll meet other Christians committed to taking their Faith seriously in modern life.

All donations to CCL are tax deductible 

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